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2022, OSL, OSL Award Winner
Pablo Mariño wins the prize for the best open-source university project.
Oficina de software libre

Pedro Guijas won the second prize awarded by GPUL.

Last Friday afternoon, 21st October, took place in the GaiásTech of the Ciudad de la Cultura the resolution act for the 15th edition of the Prize for the best University Project with Open Source Licence organised by the CIXUG Consortium, with the collaboration of the Agencia para la Modernización Tecnológica de Galicia (AMTEGA).

A total of 4 applications reached this final phase, where the jury evaluated them through their different presentations, in which aspects such as the correct licensing of the works were taken into account, as well as the use of their methodology, which especially characterises open source works.

Pablo Mariño Boga won the first prize with the project «Development of a device for monitoring environmental quality markers», which involves the design of a measuring device for monitoring environmental pollution markers: air quality, acoustic and light pollution. It also includes creating the software of client equipment in charge of processing, displaying and storing these data. It samples temperature, humidity, light intensity, Co2 and VOC concentration levels, and A-weighted sound pressure measurement using the A scale. It provides on-screen output through client equipment and stores the data through a web service.

This recognition carries a financial endowment of 1,500 euros, which the CIXUG provides under the collaboration agreement signed with AMTEGA.

On the other hand, a second prize has been awarded to Pedro Guijas Bravo for his work«Development of a library for federated learning under a peer-to-peer architecture», in which an open-source library is developed in Python that allows simulations and deployments of decentralised, federated learning systems, making use of a p2p network and the Gosisp protocol. This second prize has an economic endowment of 750 euros, which the GPUL association provides, a collaborating entity of this initiative and also framed in the collaboration agreement signed with AMTEGA.


The four finalists who reached the final phase of this year's edition were as follows:

Alejandro Iregui Valcarcel eHand: control architecture for myo-electric prostheses
Pedro Guijas Bravo Development of a library for federated learning under a peer-to-peer architecture
Pablo Mariño Boga Development of a device for monitoring environmental quality marker
Eliseo Bao Souto Ranking of Reddit users using a relevance model for depressive disorders


The jury was made up of the following persons:

  • Mariano Cabrero Canosa
    • University of A Coruña
  • David Losada Carril
    • University of Santiago de Compostela
  • Francisco Javier Rodríguez Martínez
    • University of Vigo
  • Brais Arias Rio
    • GPUL
  • Jorge Lama Varela
    • Amtega Open Source Software Office

Prize for the best University Project with an open-source licence

The CIXUG announces this award as part of the activities included in the collaboration agreement with AMTEGA, which aims to improve the mechanisms for training and dissemination of free software in the Galician university ecosystem.

GPUL's collaboration is also part of the activities carried out under the collaboration agreement signed with Amtega to promote free software in Galicia.


The CIXUG would like to thank all the participants and collaborators so that this award can continue promoting the release of university work in our community and will begin to disseminate information about the next edition.

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