Consorcio Interuniversitario de Galicia

Consorcio para o desenvolvemento de aplicacións de xestión universitaria de Galicia

CP. Description

Profile of the Employer


To ensure transparency and public access to information relating to its contractual activity, and without prejudice to the use of other means of advertising in the cases required by Royal Legislative Decree 3/2011, of 14 November, which approves the revised text of the Public Sector Contracts Act and by the regional rules of development or by those who do decide voluntarily, the Consorcio para o desenvolvemento de aplicacións para a Xestión Universitaria (CIXUG) publishes its contractor profile on the Internet.
The contractor’s profile includes information on CIXUG‘s contractual activity, such as prior information notices, open or ongoing tenders and related documentation, scheduled procurements, contracts awarded, cancelled procedures and any other useful general information, such as contact points and means of communication that can be used to interact with the contracting authority.
Once the CIXUG Governing Council has approved the IPIs (Internal Procurement Instructions), they can be consulted and downloaded in this section.
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