Consorcio Interuniversitario de Galicia

Consorcio para o desenvolvemento de aplicacións de xestión universitaria de Galicia

GC. Competences


The Governing Council has the following competencies

General activity programme

The approval of the general programme of activities

Ordinary budget

Approval and liquidation of the ordinary budget

Investment programmes

Approval of investment programmes

Movable and immovable property

The acquisition of movable and immovable property destined to the fulfilment of the consortium’s purpose.


The approval of such agreements as may be necessary for the fulfilment of its purposes.

Public sector contributions

The articulation of programmes that receive contributions from the public sector at community, national, regional or local level, and from the private sector, universities or international organisations.


The approval and awarding of all contracts necessary for the fulfilment of its purposes.

Expenditure and payments

Authorising and providing for expenditure and payments within the limits of the budget, except where expressly delegated

Incorporation into the Consortium

The approval of the incorporation into the Consortium of other universities or public or private entities, per the terms of these statutes.

Administrative and legal actions

The approval of administrative and legal actions

Interpreting the statutes

To interpret the Consortium statutes and establish the internal and complementary rules that may be necessary for accordance with the legislation in force.

Modification of the statutes

To agree on the modification of the statutes, the separation of members of the Consortium due to non-compliance, or the extinction of the Consortium.

Internal rules

The approval of the Consortium’s internal rules and regulations

Any other of a general nature and similar to the above under current legislation.

Executive Commission

An executive committee may be appointed following the internal rules of the consortium, to which part of the functions of the Governing Council may be delegated, as well as decisions on matters of standard management that affect all the consortium members.

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