Consorcio Interuniversitario de Galicia

Consorcio para o desenvolvemento de aplicacións de xestión universitaria de Galicia

CI. Mission


“To become a national reference in the incorporation of best practices in university management processes, supported by computer applications that add the greatest value to all users of the services of our universities; incorporating promptly, the new regulations and legislation that apply to the university sector, adapting the entire model of service provision to the requirements of the new framework of electronic administration”.


“To develop or contract applications or services in a coordinated, planned, negotiated and agreed manner, standardising the processes to the best practices identified for new computer applications or the incorporation of applications and services already existing in the market, in all the areas of interest of the Galician university system. It also enables projects of interest in the university field to be carried out for the Galician university system and other local, regional and national institutions. Encouraging at all times the use of open-source tools both for the internal management of the universities and the rest of the university community”.

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