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230104, UDC, Tricks 3rd Ed.
3ra Edición
Tips and good practices in digital document production


24 horas


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To show the student tricks and good practices when working and creating text documents for an academic, university and professional environment.


Basic office skills: essential use of word processors or spreadsheets, file management (copy, move, delete, ...) and essential interaction with any operating system.


Online training through the CIXUG Virtual Classroom:

Medios necesarios

A computer with Internet access.

Datos persoal Formador e Titor

Persoal formador

Óscar Fernández Carballo

Empresa contratada

Óscar Fernández Carballo




LibreOffice and OpenOffice are licensed open-source software projects and are freely available for download on various platforms. In this course, you can find notes, videos and exercises to master editing text documents.

Competencias a desenvolver

  1. Office Suites
  2. Keyboard shortcuts
  3. Creating rich documents
  4. Customise LibreOffice
  5. Extensions


Each topic consists of a theoretical part, with detailed procedures for working with the different Writer options. At the end of each case, there is a self-assessment test.
The platform measures the connection time of each participant, a criterion that will be taken into account:

  • Participation (10 hours of connection at least).
  • Continuous assessment using: tests, consultation in forums, etc.
  • Possibility of a final test.

There will be four voluntary videoconferences of approximately 1 hour through the Zoom platform, in which doubts and other aspects and dynamics will be raised and solved.


Introduction (3 hours)

  • Open Source and not open-source software
  • Free Culture and Creative Commons
  • Obtaining free resources
  • Standard formats
  • Office automation: office suites
    1. Office suites
    2. Apache OpenOffice/LibreOffice
    3. Versions and differences
    4. Obtaining and downloading
  • Operating system working environment
    1. Running applications efficiently
    2. Common keyboard shortcuts
    3. Efficient window handling and placement
    4. Process management
    5. Process monitoring and control

Digital creation of rich documents (14 hours)

  • Styles and formatting
  • Models
  • Typographies and free fonts
  • Bibliographic references
  • Exporting quality PDF
  • Tips and best practices
    1. Status bar
    2. Document views
    3. Quick navigation through the document
    4. Non-consecutive selections
    5. Special pasting
    6. Advanced Find and Replace
    7. Syllabic Separation
    9. Automatic indexes
    10. Chapter numbering
    11. Input fields
    12. Bibliography management
    13. Scientific-mathematical notation
    14. Version control
    15. Collaborative editing
    16. Digital signature of documents

LibreOffice configuration and customisation (2 hours)

  • Configuration
    1. General options
    2. Loading and saving options
    3. Language options
    4. AutoCorrect and AutoComplete
  • Customise
    1. Keyboard shortcuts
    2. Menus
    3. Toolbars

Extensions (1 hour)

  • Downloading extensions
  • Extensions manager
  • Extensions added by default
  • More extensions
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